4.5 Blockchain Game

In the era of Web 3.0, the next evolving phase of the Internet, the blockchain game is considered as one path towards a new immersive world. It has become an important channel for brands and consumers to communicate and the ownership game given by NFT provides convenience and fun, satisfying the general users that have already experienced various applications. Game users receive financial rewards from all activities, including content to enjoy and communication between users and acting as a consumer, an owner, and a direct producer.
The Arowana blockchain game claims to be eP&E (easy, easy P&E), which anyone can experience easily and designs an overall game platform, UXI, and an economical model for that. It makes and provides concepts and technologies not familiar to users, such as more familiar, comfortable ways and appearances.
It presents by stages preparation to links with existing wallets, NFT marketplaces, DEX, and staking, and a function as one category of the Arowana ecosystem service to increase the overall level of completion and user convenience.