2. Limitation of Arowana Token 0.96

A. Compliance and Closed-Off Structure

Based on 0.95, the first version of the white paper, and 0.96, the amended version, Arowana Project has enabled even beginners to purchase digital assets, easily and simply, for small amounts 24 hours a day through untact service using Hancom Pay, digital codes, shopping malls and Goldmore service. While operating those services, it has been building strong reliability and awareness by managing communities and public announcements. However, as the absence of compliance for demand creation, expansion of places to use and virtual asset payment service of gold transaction service, which is the initial purpose of the service, and market logic following the standard presented by a handful of ruling powers continues, the phenomenon that price competitiveness of newly launched services is declined has been intensified.
Rapidly changing technological prowess facing the post-COVID 19 era triggered the necessity to reconsider the value of Arowana tokens. The growth of technology industries related to routinized untact, extended reality (XR), and 5G has been accelerated and based on these technologies, the roles and positions of digital assets have been reorganized. In the change of the future industry paradigm, especially the risk of value volatility of virtual assets has become the major factor of value change and market trends such as major countries’ cryptocurrency-related policies have added weights to such necessity.
To increase the value of Arowana tokens and vitalize on-chain transactions under the change of the times and in the unique market, we are trying to promote the strategic technology of the Arowana platform by adjusting limiting factors of R-DAP and diversifying open linked points under the appellation of “Arowana Protocol.”