3. Arowana Protocol

The Arowana protocol supports efficient management of digital assets, fast and safe transactions, and easy trade of digital products. It supports various assets and points being used smoothly based on Arowana tokens and decreases the cost of converting physical assets to digital assets by issuing, trading, and exchanging digital assets. It also realizes smart contract-based transactions.
The Arowana protocol links information security and identity authentication modules to protect digital assets safely by connecting with Arowana Token, Ethereum, and various digital assets to be issued later. Furthermore, it realizes physical asset-linked authentication technology service using wallet, payment, distribution autonomous consensus of exchange markets and reputable ecosystem partners and normalized API.
The Arowana platform ecosystem that realizes asset models expands them into business crossing the reality and digital space develops, continuously reflecting the trend of change of the era of Web 3.0. It constantly advances innovative IT technologies by using innovative IT technologies including AI, Cloud, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, DAO, Game and Web3.0 and cooperating with partners.