4.4 Defi

A. Arowana Defi Staking Service

Contribute to the expansion of distribution of Arowana tokens by building various staking DeFi services. Build jointly with Arowana platform ecosystem partners to interoperate. It supports future digital asset transactions or business services related to Arowana tokens, and uses Arowana tokens for various purposes in the DeFi service platform.
The DeFi Staking Service provides investment opportunities for Arowana token holders, which compensate the time risk of staking and effect of market liquidity control. Therefore, staking with longer term will be rewarded with higher APR%. The partial amount of token revenue from platform operation will be burned, which will decrease market liquidity permanently.
The DeFi Staking Service is a decentralized platform, where investment activities of Arowana token holders will not be interfered by any central authorities. However, the platform is developed with verified smart contract, which is secured by smart contract authentication from an accredited institution.

B. Arowana DeFi Gold Index

Arowana DeFi Gold Index is a DeFi service to provide unique investment opportunities for Arowana token holders to invest in relation to real world gold price. The participants of the platform will provide liquidity in format of peer to peer. Each participant connects wallet to the platform and transfers Arowana tokens from wallet to the platform, which will be available to invest.
The DeFi service of this platform represents a zero sum structure as an investment by predicting gold prices among participants. As shown in the figure below, depending on the price fluctuation of gold, the profit margin curve of the participants who took the acquisition and sell positions draws an X-shape, and profits or losses are fairly generated without any interference.
If 10% of the platform usage fee is accumulated and the accumulated amount reaches 10,000 ARW, it will be randomly drawn and paid from the users who took positions on the platform on that day.

C. Further Expansion of DeFi

The Arowana project will recruit a variety of partners to build the DeFi ecosystem and work together to interoperate. It will also support decentralized transactions of digital assets and decentralized financial services related to arowana tokens, develop and operate various forms of DeFi services, and expand the DeFi ecosystem.