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7. Disclaimer

Our Arowana Team prepared this white paper for reference purposes only to provide people who are showing a lot of attention and affection to the Arowana tokens with detailed information on the services and teams that we are planning.
This white paper is not to advise you to invest in the team or platform. It is totally irrelevant to it.
In addition, the Arowana team provides this white paper for you after preparing it ‘as of the time of preparation’ so we do not guarantee that any content in this white paper is accurate even in the future.
The Arowana team does not state and guarantee the accuracy of any matters regarding this white paper and does not assume legal responsibilities for it.
For example, the Arowana team does not guarantee
I. if the white paper is prepared based on legal rights and does not violate the rights of the 3rd party,
II. if the white paper has commercial value or is useful,
III. if the white paper is appropriate to achieve a certain goal you have, and
IV. if there is an error in the content of the white paper.
Of course, the scope of the exemption from liability is not limited to the aforementioned examples. It includes, but not limited to, cases that use, refer to, or are based on this white paper for acts such as your own decision making, etc.
The result from it, regardless of gain or loss, is entirely based on your decision. In other words, please note that even though you could suffer damage, loss, debt or other harm from using this white paper, the Arowana team will not compensate, indemnify and bear any responsibilities for it.
* Paper History
0.95 / Constant improvement of the Arowana project business based structure
0.96 / Presentation of service model materialization and platform spread vision for realization of the Arowana project
0.97 / Rearrangement of the Arowana project services and update the roadmap and token matrix
0.98 / The renewal of Arowana Token’s brand visual identity, which symbolizes the Arowana Project
* Confidential Document
This document contains confidential information that has not yet been published. Copying and/or distributing this document without the permission of the author can lead to civil and criminal measures.