6.1 Alliance

A. Introduction

The Arowana Alliance represents the entire groups that share the ecosystem of the Arowana project. It performs tasks to improve values of the participants of the Arowana project by sharing the ecosystem of the Arowana project, making decisions to grow, and having the accompanying obligations. For this, it operates various forms of marketing and provides opportunities to participate in promotions.
To achieve the above purposes, the Arowana alliances is operated with the following principles
  • The Arowana alliance promotes the development and expansion of the Arowana project ecosystem.
  • The Arowana alliance tries to improve the values for the wealth of the participants of the Arowana project.
  • The Arowana alliance takes the lead to improve the group’s profits and values by coexisting with partners participating in the Arowana project.
  • The Arowana alliance respects autonomy of all participants of the project in terms of project organization and operation conducted in the Arowana alliance.
  • The Arowana alliance establishes and operates a consultation system to vitalize marketing and projects for participants of the Arowana project.
  • The Arowana alliance leads the vitalization of the ecosystem by planning and organizing joint promotion in the Arowana alliance.

B. Partnership

Members of the groups consisting of the Arowana alliance receive certain rewards, while maintaining their membership status, under the blockchain business agreement managing the Arowana project, including Arowana tokens.
Members can use a marketing process for the project through partnerships and apply for and participate in various types of joint marketing and certain marketing to expand the ecosystem. Participants of the Arowana alliance have priority for participating in promotions carried out in the ecosystem and when doing external and internal activities through it, they have rights to block rewards and exposure to the marketing channel.
Partners follow the operation process of the Arowana alliance for stable, free partnership.

C. Operation

The Arowana alliance manages project activities transparently through data on the activities based on reliability.
It operates marketing processes to improve the values of the participants of the ecosystem and supports domestic and global marketing processes. It implements integrated marketing communication to expand the ecosystem and promotes effective IMC by operating the organization for it. It promotes differentiation of the Arowana project with a comprehensive and strategic approach to sub-areas such as advertisement, PR, etc.
  • Participating in the Arowana alliance
  • Building a tokenomics system and supporting its operation process
  • Building an integrated marketing system and supporting its operation process
  • Supporting the participation in the Arowana alliance joint promotion