4.3 NFT

A. Arowana NFT Marketplace

It operates the blockchain-based decentralized NFT market that can freely evaluate, purchase, and exchange the digital values of a physical asset and it aims at a virtuous cycle of ecosystem that can create a new value of a digital asset through this market. By creating a sharing environment that enables direct exchange between a digital value producer and a consumer, it prevents a monopoly on assets and provides users with convenience, anonymity, and expandability. In addition, by linking with various contents including culture, sports and entertainment, it develops NFT products that will appeal to users and by expanding and re-producing those products in the ecosystem, it vitalizes distribution of Arowana tokens.
  • Physical asset-based NFT: Providing a platform that enables the purchase and exchange of physical assets
  • Whitelist management: Managing verified wallet addresses by linking with a whitelist
  • Stable NFT transaction: Storing NFT contents in verified IPFS and minting them in the blockchain network
  • Payment support: Supporting Arowana tokens that can be used in the Arowana ecosystem
LINK ) Arowana NFT Marketplace (ETH) (Klaytn)

B. PFP_NFT Arowana

PFP NFT project ‘Arowana ’ is a uniquely designed fish avatar character that can be grafted onto various services of the Arowana ecosystem. The Arowana project tells the story of fishes in the world that have suffered from environmental pollution, listening to unidentifiable voices one day and then searching for the progenitor of fishes that will save them.
PFP, the abbreviation of Profile Picture, means a NFT work that is issued to be used as a user’s profile. It has been hitting the mainstream of the NFT market after the success of projects such as Cryptopunk, BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), etc.
The Arowana project sequentially opens a roadmap, through the dedicated website and community channel that includes various online and offline membership benefits and tokenomics that will be provided to Arowana NFT holders. Through this, it plans to contribute to the expansion of the Arowana ecosystem by trying to create and maintain the value of the entire Arowana project and linking it with blockchain games and Metaverse services in the future. It will also conduct different types of cooperation with partners participating in the Arowana Alliance.
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