4.2 Wallet

A. Arowana Decentralized Wallet

The Arowana decentralized wallet provides a mobile application service that provides a platform environment that can store, send and invest in virtual assets and use them for service in the future. It comprehensively manages tokens used in the Arowana ecosystem and makes users use various services such as DeFi, NFT and SWAP using digital virtual assets they have. Especially, by linking with NFT, it makes users prove their possession and use Blockchain more easily in their daily life.
  • Building a decentralized virtual asset transaction service (staking, SWAP, transmission, point exchange, etc.)
  • Providing a convenient virtual asset transaction environment
  • Expanding participants in the Arowana ecosystem
  • Securing virtual asset commissions using the virtual asset service
  • Providing physical asset-linked NFT product service

B. Arowana Members - Wallet

It provides a user experience where users of the Arowana decentralized wallet can identify themselves as members of the Arowana ecosystem by integrating with ‘Arowana Members.’
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