4.6 Arowana Members

‘Arowana Service,’ a NFT-based membership service, improves the inconvenience users experience that purchasers of previous physical asset-linked NFT products should have experienced by linking with various services of the Arowana ecosystem. It also enables purchasers of physical asset-linked NFT products to authenticate themselves when entering various on-site events by grafting user authentication technology.
With the Arowana members, it supports the connection without severance between the block chain and the real world and, in addition, brings digital assets and experience values in reality together and digitalizes them. Through this, it supports characterization and transaction vitalization of the Arowana NFT marketplace and advances functions and service ranges by linking with various platform services.
It also expands the Arowana ecosystem and presents a new direction for the reality-linked NFT market by planning various forms of membership service models together with partners participating in Arowana Alliance.
Ultimately, it provides a user experience where purchasers can identify themselves as members of the Arowana ecosystem by continuously developing Arowana projects aiming to build a digital asset ecosystem through Arowana Membership servicing experience values of the reality.
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