4.1 App

A. Arowana App

The Arowana application aims at an integrated service platform where digital assets and physical assets are used together. The key service used in the physical asset ecosystem uses Arowana tokens. It tries to strengthen the benefits for users by linking with the NFT ecosystem, using tokens, discovering physical assets that can be digitized, and providing events and rewards and, based on that, expand the ecosystem so that digital assets and physical assets can be used together.
  • Prepaid Recharge: Supporting transactions and exchanges of physical assets by registering one’s account
  • Token Payment: Supporting transactions and exchanges using tokens
  • NFT Campaign: Supporting the NFT ecosystem through content campaigns for the NFT market and NFT membership
  • Points: Providing channel service and mileage exchanges of partners participating in the ecosystem
  • Contents: Supporting special product events and rewards (AirDrop) like with digital assets
  • Partner: Developing collaboration contents and cooperation products through business collaboration

B. Arowana Members - App

It provides a user experience where purchasers who use the Arowana application can identify themselves as members of the Arowana ecosystem by integrating with ‘Arowana Members.’